Robert D. Price started his martial arts career in 1968 when stationed with the U.S. Air Force in Korea.  After transferring to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, Robert became a student under Ajarn Precha Mahachanavong and was in the first classes when Lotus was developed.  Robert opened the first Lotus school in the United States in 1974, two years after he returned from Thailand.

Robert was the first American to test to black belt in 1972 in Ubon, Thailand and proudly wears the gold ring Ajarn Precha awarded him as achieving a black belt.

In addition to the 2nd degree black belt Robert currently holds in Lotus, he has earned the 6th Degree International Master Black Belt in Korean Tang Soo Do.  Robert is currently a training manager at the California City Correctional Facility, located in California City, California.   He is a staff instructor at the San Bernardino Regional Sheriff's Training Academy.  He is also a certified instructor in PPCT, and Control Force and is the owner and operator of Price's Academy of Correctional Officer and Security and Self-Defense since 1982. His personal website may be accessed here.

Audio File Interview with Robert Price conducted in 2006

Letter of Appreciation for Self-Defense Demonstration

This is Robert Price's 2nd degree black belt certificate from Ajarn Precha.

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This picture shows Robert Price executing a rear hip throw on his wife, of all people.  This picture was taken at his Lotus dojo in California.  Price was the first American to open a Lotus dojo in the United States.